Take Me Outside

take me outside
where i can hear
   the little birds
   singing like
they're breaking
      my heart.

take me outside
where i can see
      still, dark
tree shadows
underneath a
   noonday sun.

take me outside
where i can hear
water splashing,
   rushing over
   rocks in such
      a lively creek.

take me outside
   where i can see
a golden sunset
      above a remote
and sandy beach

take me outside

20 thoughts on “Take Me Outside

  1. This reminds me of The Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada, I can see the river slow down a bit on it’s journey when suddenly with out warning salmon loaded down with eggs are jumping out of the rivers raging water and back down they go. Each salmon was raised here or down or up there. They find the exact spot and deposit their cache of eggs. Just my story of this picture Murray Robertson !!


      1. Yes, I have lived and drove and seen three quarters of B.C Salmon go up the Fraser River as well Murray. I have also seen them in the Squamish River and other small tributaries around Hixon, B.C. just south of Quesnel. The migration of the Salmon is something to behold for sure. Thank you Murray !


      2. I think I did hear that way back when I moved to B.C. in 1975. There were lots of Salmon running thick and heavy in most rivers in those years. The Squamish River was another one with tons of salmon running north up to the end to lay their eggs.


  2. I love the melody and the beat and the husk of the voice breathing out a beautiful song stemming from deep down, coming from the heart of winter.
    Let me join you
    Take me outside.


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