Fuzzy Focus

   is it never
   when it 
looks out 
      of focus?

   focus is
and we seem
      to like it.

      but is it
ever to be

too much time
   in easy chairs
might make
my back ache.

   sometimes i
   need to find a
less comfortable

   i need to 
      refocus on
certainty and
      learn to see
the never seen,

   and maybe
beyond focus,
   where there
are different

15 thoughts on “Fuzzy Focus

    1. Thank you APS Malhotra!

      There are different ways to see. We ignore most of what we see, because there is too much of it to process with our brains. We decide what is important to us and that’s what we see (in our minds).

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  1. (too much time
    in easy chairs
    might make
    my back ache.

    sometimes i
    need to find a
    less comfortable

    Surreal and hilarious….laughter and giggles, so funny.

    Charmer, the allure of different beauties.

    Witty, satirical, yet such delightful poetry,
    Addressing certainty.A wonderful word.


    1. Thank you d.a.!

      I think I want to decide what to focus on and rethink what focus is. This image is out of focus but I like it better than if it was in focus.

      Obviously it is a flower (a columbine) but seems a bit abstract to me. If it was in focus, I would not like it as much.

      Technically, a disaster, I really like it, and decided I’d share. I might like to make a very large print on canvas.


      1. What a good idea about the canvas!!! I hope you do and that you like it.

        We spend our lives aiming for technical perfection, all the more so now that we can do so very much. Yet it’s the imperfections in nature and life and humanity that move us most and uplift and enhance us surely.

        Keep up the great work.😊


      2. Thank you for the kindness d.a.!

        I saw a wedding photo not long ago that was so wrong it was right! In the fore ground, a pair of wedding rings, nicely in focus.

        The background was fuzzy. But you could see a bride and groom, standing behind the rings, hugging, kissing.

        It was the reverse of what you’d expect.


      3. How wonderful and imaginative of the photographer to have decided on this!!! Obviously the marriage was the thing, hence I guess the decision to focus on the symbol of marriage. And the happy couple are unique but united with all wedding ring wearers. Very clever.

        Thank you for letting me know this delight 😊


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