Potted Mums

      a bold array
   of colours,
makes us smile.

   as days get dark 
      and colder,
we can use such help.

mums we've seen
      as well, in
   autumn pots.

   they add colour, 
      as is needed in 
such evil times.

   husbands carry
      potted plants
for cheery wives.

      bright colours
bold and cheery
   light our lives.

23 thoughts on “Potted Mums

  1. Dahlia, reminds me of Lord Holland who wrote a verse to his wife about the European strain that was successfully grown from the seeds sent from Mexico and Central America. I’ve never seen them grown as pot plants though, maybe i did , but i cant remember. No I couldn’t have, they would’ve left an impression on me. In fact in my minds eye I only see them as cut flowers which the flower sellers sold from side walks. I don’t even remember seeing them as bunch of flowers in stores..
    Must be a sight to behold and speaks volumes for its beauty- for I remember brightly coloured dahlia sitting Friday evenings on stands, beautifully arranged waiting to be sold- yes, when two poets from different eras dedicate a dahlia verse to their wives. It’s romantic to say the least. Dahlias come in an array of colours except blue. Gosh such striking beauty, no wonder where I come from they were a Friday evening bestseller. I can just see your smile through these wonderfully written words.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words Miriam!

      I find colour very interesting. Flowers sometimes have such powerful colour. I turn down colour saturation in many of my photos. Not if it’s flower colours though.


  2. What beautiful photos and inspirational poetry to accompany them! Thank you for joining JanBeek so I could find you, Murray, you and your delightful blog! I’ll be back!


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