House and Barn

   we were younger
then, we've always
      been before.

      lost memories,
i don't know whose,
   in failing wood,

a family here before 
   summer sunlight 
blackened wood...

years followed years,
   sun beating down.
   they raised a barn.

   so far away from
      any little town...
clocks will run on

histories now
      might be

      but ruins
left behind
   tell a story.

some passed
by this place
    and built.

18 thoughts on “House and Barn

  1. I can’t say for sure, obviously because I’m not familiar with the general architecture of your countryside, I can’t really tell if this is the barn side you are showing us. Nevertheless the contrast with the yellow flowered tree in the background makes a striking postcard. The dark wood looks polished, I’m not sure if this is from the sun.
    Countryside poetry somehow always brings us a sad and forlorn narrative even an eerie story. Harshly different to the harsh drum of neglected inner city poetry.


    1. Thank you Abby!

      This is an abandoned house and barn. It is probably 150-200 years old. In this country the sun will blacken unpainted wood in a few years.

      Across the road is a more recent family home. It might be the same family. They may not have been at home.


      1. I’m guessing that at least one family started here. There’s a newer house just across the road. I guess the family grew into the newer, bigger house. I hope there were lots of happy stories there too.


  2. This really strikes a chord with me, and as others have said, you evoke stories in the wind… I’d love to use this post as a starting point for a writing group session one day, if you don’t mind, Murray? I’m already entertaining various Barn Thoughts from my own hiStory …


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