Blackened Barn

Blackened Barn

      roasting in 
   hot sunshine, 
hundreds of years,

it can't share 
      its stories
the laughter 
   and the tears,

beautiful wood
colours, burned
      to black,

   no reason to
      stand tall,
no purpose
   any more...

      the old black
buildings lean,
   falling slowly,

      to dust

      any nails
   that may 
   be found
turn slowly 
      into rust.

   still something
there appeals to us.
      hope that
things went well,

sometimes, there
might be stories
   but no-one's 
      left to tell.

14 thoughts on “Blackened Barn

  1. I feel it is a story of abandonment, this is the main feeling that burns inside of me. The barn has been neglected and left to disintegrate slowly into its own ruins, the most precious thing left behind to afford some historical overview.
    I can’t say it wasn’t once loved, there was just nothing left anymore for its upkeep, leaving now a bare skeleton behind that will find a little value on the market someday. For now it has to be left in its own ruins.


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