this time of year
our world begins
      to chill,

   so we wonder
why we're here
      as light 
   grows dim

and air gets cold
      but not too
   cold to breathe

   today, october,
   start to fade

except for trees
      which go to
   red and golden

   (a million leaves
have lost their green
      and changed)

   this time, this
      change (is a 
beautiful thing)

it decorates our 
   cooling world 
and cheers us
      once again.

25 thoughts on “Autumnal

    1. Thank you Abby!

      Is October 17th your birthday?

      Our day may be very nice. We are puppy-sitting a sweet little King Charles Cavalier spaniel today as his owners move off our street across town. We plan to take him for a walk.


      1. 17 October is the birthdate of ‘my granddaughter’
        Oh Murray I would love to be the guardian of KCC even for a day. Enjoy the walk, good for the breathing.


      2. 17 October! Granddaughter’s birthday. It’s a great reason to think it a wonderful day.

        The KCC is a sweet little guy. I got a lot of walking in today. Maybe I’ll do it more, get fit.


      3. I’m sure you are enjoying every moment with KCC, that sweet little guy. Give him a huge warm hug from me. You must keep fit to run after him.


      4. Thanks Abby.

        I have to give him back tomorrow. We have already done a walk (uphill and down) today and I expect more will be in our future.

        I taught him a new trick: sat back abruptly in my reclining chair, flung open my arms and said “snuggle” with energy. He jumped up. “Good snuggle”, I told him. A few repetitions and he’s got it.


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