Red, red, red

i met a man who
   could not see
      any colour.

   though i love
      to see colour,
i didn't pity;

   the man with
      no colour
was good as any.

he lived his way,
      making this 
   world his own.

he wasn't disabled
      in any way. 

      nobody knows 
what other senses
he may have had.

      he wasn't talking
about such things.

      perhaps there is
no way to speak of
   unshared visions.

we all walk alone.

14 thoughts on “Red, red, red

    1. Thanks Abby!

      We had a cocker spaniel go blind. She figured out everything so well that we don’t know when it happened.

      One day I realised and told my wife. Neither of us knew until I noticed. We felt bad at our failng to notice and admired her ability and coping skills.


      1. Oh Murray, I thought this a new narrative regarding disability. Sorry about my fumbling, I wasn’t afflicted at the time of scribbling, I notice it was a scribble. No I wasn’t afflicted just affected.
        Yes I remember now, not so long ago you spoke at length about her dignity in being blind….or was it me, I can’t recall.


      2. Unshared dreams, how I envy you both. Pugs, bull terriers, yes and the jack Russel, although that one could be quite cocky, I actually delight in looking after them all, or wait, ain’t they seeing to me, bringing delight to my otherwise beautiful quiet life, I call solitude. But I do toy with the thought, more about the work, how I would handle any one of them including a cocker spaniel….oh the joys of these thoughts, the to and fro….sigh….let me procrastinate. As it is , one will appear if so it should be.
        Love and adore, I know, I believe I would too, they are such wonderfully beautiful beings, I become all teary just thinking about them.

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