Wild South Hill

   we watch the
weather roll
      over this hill;

we see mists 
   slide down 
      towards us,

bringing snow.

we run a tab
with nature,
      fools if we 
   forget this.

   when we are 
least prepared, 
      perhaps; it 
will come due.

   mists and clouds
      obscure the
hilltop in autumn.

snow, in winter
   reminds us
we don't go
      up these
hills so well.

these are our
   autumn days.
   it isn't over;
      the view is
fine, from here.

23 thoughts on “Wild South Hill

    1. Thank you a e i o u !!

      Sometimes I find that it works that way for me too. Picasso made a bull with about one line that went thick and thin and bent atound to show the head and hump, and so on.

      Looks just like a bull to me.

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  1. I don’t know why Wild South Hill never showed up in my inbox.
    Glad to hear that it is still a lingering autumn.
    I can’t tell what the sleeping giant means.


    1. Last night, we had our first snow of the season. Tonight, they forecast the temperature will be colder than any ever recorded in October. La Nina related weather, should give us a super cold winter.


      1. Oh la Nina is the name for a blizzard.?
        I haven’t read about the weather in your world for ages. Tuck in tight and keep warm.
        I’m still trying to connect the dots….Picasso’s line, the hump and the head. Someone was saying bull
        ..and I thought sleeping giant what was that all anout


      2. Thanks Abby!

        el Nino and la nina are weather systems that occur on the Pacific coast of South America. It has been recently (we heard about it within the past 10 years) noticed that if there is a strong el nino season in South America, we get a warm, wet winter. If it is a la nina season for them, then we will usually get a cold, dry winter.

        I believe I heard that this winter follows la nina, so we get a cold dry winter. Tonight, it is predicted that we will have an overnight low that is colder that has ever been recorded for October.


      3. Oh yes of course, how quickly the meaning behind the names and what they stand for slips my mind.
        Oh thank you for highlighting the difference one more. Quite a spectacular weather pattern carrying all these different aspects from one region and affected thing another in quite dramatic ways.
        Cold dry winter you say, is a favourite of mine.
        Another record set in October ….Tuck in and keep warm


      4. Oh Murray my friend below freezing I know the feeling, it got a hold of me, I wasn’t born into it, took some time to adjust my gut and settle my mind.


  2. Yes I have been awfully cold, one winter I walked a night through higher than knee high deep, and no I wasn’t born there, at the time it was foreign to me. In my country snow days are gaining momentum but we not there yet. -10°C is far far over the horizon


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