Virginia Creeper 2

Virginia Creeper 2

virginia creeper
      on a black 
chain-link fence.

we would never
   have believed that
it would ever
      look like that.

   but now, we've
thought about it, 
      and every year
it looks like this.

      that, this and
the other. it comes
   back each year.
   more vivid than
i'd have thought.

someday, perhaps,
i'll learn to
trust my eyes.

virginia creeper
      on a black 
chain-link fence.

14 thoughts on “Virginia Creeper 2

    1. Thank you Cheryl.

      It was raining and a bit dim, so the colours were not washed out (which is what
      we usually see in photos). The temptation is to desaturate, rather than treat the
      apparently oversaturated colours be what they are. I believe I desaturated this
      one by about 5%.

      It was still very vivid.

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  1. First time I lay eyes on a Virginia Creeper 2. What does Virginia Creeper 1 talk about.
    I love the description black chain-link fence, taking the shape of a diamond. On a normal day I would call it just a wire fence. The black looks good, is it coated.? Looks like the best material to arrange and grow a creeper. I only know the silver chain-link fence. After a number of years they take on rust and looks brown in colour. Yellow, pink or lilac flowers look pretty against the rust.

    Even if lovely to grow in the garden, take special care, especially with children.
    As a person, you don’t need the creeper around you, trust your instinct. I’m sad this is happening to friendship and relationship.


    1. I think the black chain-link is plastic coated. Posts and other hardware are “powder-coated” , a melted-on plastic coating, I think.

      COVID is very tough on us. We were born to be social creatures. So we suffer.

      Some friends, I used to see at the coffee shop. I don’t see any more, because we stay home now.


      1. Yes I remember now, the green plastic coated fence became quite popular here too. The material was supple and kind to the hands, easier to work with. I haven’t seen the black coated fence.
        I understand we all feeling the social and emotional impact of the pandemic, which runs through the spine of daily living, adjusting and reorganizing. All the painkillers in the world can’t numb the separation, isolation and distance forced upon us. Some people feel completely forgotten, touch and presence are so vital for living.
        We console ourselves, whilst losing out that it is best to stay home, find the bonds that binds us.


    2. Thank you Abby!

      Virginia Creeper 1 was not a poem, just a photograph. It was one that I discarded. When I make photos, I have a high rate of of ones I will keep.

      Recently I shot a portrait. One shot. A keeper. Sometimes a photo is so right in the viewfinder, that nothing needs to be done. The portrait was one of those.

      (I don’t show portraits.)


    1. Thank you Anna.

      I see in a different way from many people. I can’t visualize. If I said “apple”, many people can see, as if in front of their eyes, an apple: red, green, yellow, whatever.

      I can’t. I feel an idea that has no shape, colour or dimension. With my camera, I can find a combination of light, colour, shape, etc. I can find a composition that has a pleasant feeling, for me.

      When I make a sculpture, its a similar thing. My hands know what to do. When I love what I made, I will share. I must love it before I will show it. People deserve that.

      Poetry is similar. I’m happy when I can make my abstract “not-pictures” real.


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