Wet October Maple 2

barely raining,
   fresh, sweet-
      smelling air.
and a little 
black dog, pulling 
   on his leash,

      he wouldn't
why i stopped.
      an image
of leaves and
seeds, looked

   and if i made
a gorgeous image,
      would he care?

      for him,
      there's a 
certain joy,
   in sniffing
   out stories
i can't see

thoughts that
have no words,
stories without
   any pictures,

and so he rests
      his case,
a story for
   him is not
   always a
story for me.

   we all have
our personal

3 thoughts on “Wet October Maple 2

  1. That’s so good to know, so beautiful an affirmation it touches the soul. In stories, the unillustrated – not sure if that is a word, keyboard teacher underlined it in red- ones, we all have our own personal interest which could come across as utter boredom for one or bring intense happiness and self- confidence to someone or an epiphany for another.
    Somehow we cross that sea of doubt, floating on.
    Sweet intelligent puppy chasing his own stories, there must be a buried bone somewhere, he will sniff it out. I like how he pauses to watch you for a moment and then carries on seeking his own adventure, the wet leaves may have completely different meaning to him., he may pick up one for keepsake or for mom, coming home with his own stories to tell. One can never say with the imagination of Scamp, they come up with all sorts of things.
    Stories and more stories abound, what have you found?

    I’m looking through my sliding doors at the wet leaves strewn across the tarmac and I could swear they look maple..well one or two, the others look robust laying in all different positions on the wet tarmac ground, quite hilarious though, all the different positions. The one closest to my window, has its entire body flat and wet on the ground with the stem sticking up.
    It’s been a rainy October mostly, enjoy 31.


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