Bright Red Berries

Bright Red Berries

      sitting in 
the sunshine
   on a cool 
november day,

      listening to
flocks of geese
who could not
   find their way,

      bright red 
berries hanging 
on fiercely, to
   branches on 
an unknown
      berry bush,
never letting go.
   amazing grip!

something nice 
      to look at,
but brilliant
   in sunshine...

24 thoughts on “Bright Red Berries

  1. Lovely day out in the park, the thoughts and words are feel good. The poor geese, hilarious, perhaps they are not going for summer holidays due to Covid.
    The berries look healthy I hope they are not toxic. Unfortunately with the current layout I’m unable to do any cross referencing, so it will remain a game of guessing. A pretty sight, but do not touch, but that’s alright on a lovely day out in the sun.


    1. Thank you Abby!

      This poem was an effort. I wrote, rewrote, tore out pieces that wouldn’t work, and rewrote again.

      It is made of about three narratives. When I saw how it might work, it was a relief.


      1. Three narratives… many verses that one narrative contain. That is amazing that you brought the three together in this way with the overwhelming feeling that it was a beautiful day..A time to celebrate. That is the breath of freshness, even though you breathed a sigh of relief, with the tearing up and starting again the newness is felt.
        See what happens to the reader when more is given.
        I hope the rest of the verse or narratives are safely archived in your unpublished anthology.


      2. Thank you Abby!

        There is a special place for words that will not work: I believe it is called Lethe.

        They can be resurrected but I would not save them. They seemed weak and ineffective.


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