Veined Leaf

Veined Leaf

   all the little
in a leaf!

      reminds me
   of forgotten
choices made,

   flowing with
the stream,
flowing with
      the go...

   then thinking
   about times
      and places
now inaccessible
   for us, there is
   no swimming
upstream, into
the mouldy past.

it seems time flows 
      one way only.
we cannot return, 

      to repair
    havoc we have 
sometimes wreaked.

9 thoughts on “Veined Leaf

  1. Havoc we have wrecked, caused a giggle, wickedly fun, I’m always in awe of some of your lines set in serious poetry, which you twist to make us laugh.

    (we cannot return,

    to repair
    havoc we have
    sometimes wreaked.)

    This in itself is a method and a way of looking at the irreparable and the mouldy past, light will come. Cover it with your healing breath, words in prayer.
    This is what I do when I look at certain parts of our earth, turn my helplessness into prayer, spread the grace.


  2. How very lovely. Isn’t it amazing the way that we can evoke profound truths philosophical and otherwise, from anything that we contemplate.


    1. Thank you d.a.!

      Every day is wonderful. So much of what we see is amazing. Sometimes, I think, we need to go back to the mentality of a 2 year old child. Everything is exciting and wonderful.


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