Remembering the Fallen

crushed and broken, 
   somehow beautiful,
its function passed.

providing nutrients
today, and on into
   tomorrow and

this maple leaf
   will one day
   be forgotten
and so will i.

my fathers do not
   stand tall 

   though, in their
day, they struggled
sometimes bravely
      such is life
   and living.

   something was
beautiful, although
   no memories

      a time shall
surely come, when
i am nothing more:
   a fuzzy memory, 
and someone may
be remembering
      the fallen.

21 thoughts on “Remembering the Fallen

  1. Big great names stick around for a long time. Sometimes the question what will you remembered for can get us caught in a trap. Strange I was thinking of Steve Jobs today and I can’t even tell you why but I think it was in relation to the uber drivers on California, that is somehow the connection to Steve was made. But where am I going with this. Titles are remembered, like Kings and Queens, statesmen and so on, they stick around for a while, so do the poet, the sage and the philosopher, great apostles and people and events in sacred texts.
    But once you fallen, and appear in a heavenly place, with the beautiful and the wonderful, dancing at the throne of grace why should the question bother you. The world looks a different place from there. And it’s fine if others did this or that of extraordinary significance it’s perfectly fine that somebody did it, this or that needed to be done. Rest assured you will live on in the hearts of those who love you dearly with all your imperfections and you shall be remembered for this and that O’fallen one it is of great significance to them.
    How wonderful that you came to write, what passes through our minds when we are doing this or that in the course of our days.
    Truly beautiful verse.


    1. Thank you Abby!

      I don’t know who my great grandfather was or what he did, who my great grandmother was or what she did.

      I won’t care who remembers me. It seems now that it will be nice to live so that if anyone does remember me, that the memories will be good ones.


      1. You welcome dear.
        At one stage which is different for everyone, we find ourselves in that space where we are thinking about them. For some reason we start thinking about them, even if we never knew them. Even without intimacy or really knowing them a memory will catch fire and there they are. I don’t want to get started here, some of my memories aren’t beautiful or handsome but their they stood in all their glory living on through me.

        Yeah make it nice even if you don’t care.


      2. So many people who were important to me, people that I never knew. Nor their stories.

        I’m thinking about autumn in another way too. The geese and ducks that used to fly south are staying right here. Now they fly around.

        Nature has become unnatural. I liked it the way it used to be.

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      3. Internet is bad. We just come through a storm.
        Travel and migration of humans and birds have changed. It’s not the same anymore. Our whole world has changed.


      4. It’s already a rainy saturday morning here Murray. A beautiful one at that with the rain magnifying all the wonderful shades of green in nature.
        We live in a fast-moving changing world, solutions offered here and there, problems everywhere, but im taking one step at a time, in appreciation of each other.


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