Bow to Autumn

bow to autumn
   just in time

   for little birds 
celebrating ripe 
   winds ring
      our big
wind chime.

   i look out 
the window
      those birds,

   and see them
thrown about 
   by the wind
      like leaves
dancing with
      a breeze.

the sunflower's 
      gone now,
   and dry.
little birds have 
   moved on;
little wings 
      will fly.

19 thoughts on “Bow to Autumn

      1. They are so cool and funny won’t you say?
        I watched them circling the skies on their arrival, in celebration of making it through the long haul. Sunbirds are cheerful flitting around the garden eager to say hello to everyone, quick and snappy as if they know the power they hold.


      2. Thanks Abby!

        My coffee buddy liked the birds too. He’s 80-ish and quite interested in art and writing. I’ve got him fooled. He thinks I’m a talented photographer and poet. Imagine!

        Actually, he’s a pretty good artist too.

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