Shops Ashore

 Shops Ashore 2

boredom inspires
some of our best

deckchairs seem 
      designed to 
inspire lethargy.

fossilized  bones 
   of ancient
inspire a certain 
sense of awe

ashore, shops
   hold bright

      for those
of us with 
   much less 
deadly teeth, 

and distractions
seem so welcome,

as we continue
      on our 
weary ways.

   wait: hungry,
bored and tired.

12 thoughts on “Shops Ashore

  1. I simply love the photograph Murray, it brings immediately to mind that old and familiar feeling of wind whisked salt on the skin and breathing in coastal air. The picture truly arouses the senses, and of course a a promenade without a jewellers shop is simply out of the question. Someone could get lucky with a tanzanite or two….ok just one, the masses are hungry, ….enjoy a good old fish and chips lunch, none other than by the sea.
    Sweet boredom poetry, funny, i love it.


      1. Just take my dear friend…. i haven’t been following the news too much these days. I hope there will be a way for another cruise, these matters are in the hands of Providence.


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