Roses and Lilies

      they seem 
   to have their 
own stories, sitting, 
beautifully on 
   a display rack

   the story of 
a promise,
      to not kill 
  everyone with 
another flood.

      i look out 
my window.
   at that

   these days,
      our sense 
   of safety 
forever gone, 
we want it back.

i hear that
get broken,
   like hearts. 

      when the
   mighty have 
fallen, nothing 
   and nowhere
feels secure.

      we should 
try to remember
   to celebrate
our beautiful 

   never forget 
      the fallen,
while we breathe.

17 thoughts on “Roses and Lilies

      1. You’re very welcome

        There was no trace of your tiredness in this post
        However I’ve noticed that when weary myself my efforts have been successful, be it jogging at midnight(!) or poetry. But no DIY at that hour!!!😁


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