Green Centres

   green centres,
      looking like 
little universes,

to discover.

   yellow petals 
   ring around 
green centres,

   little spiral
on a stem.

green may be

   we see green
   emerge from
thawing mud.

   shoots reaching
   up for sunshine,
green excitement.

17 thoughts on “Green Centres

  1. As fresh as a daisy
    Freya’s sacred little bud
    May your green centres thrive

    Long live the daisy

    thriving and dancing
    in a field with other daisies
    Fragrant little galaxies

    Thriving and Flourishing

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      1. Oh I thought they were Freya.’s -the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility- sacred flower speaking for childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings.

        Still, you are welcome Murray


  2. All in the same botanical family Asteraceae (used to be called Compositae). I am delighted by your Freya poem as my new friend has a daughter called Freya – how’s that for synchronicity? And I am very fond of Brigid the goddess/saint associated with Imbolc/Candlemas/1 February when the days start to lengthen perceptibly here in the northern lands. I shall look into Freya now!

    Is your poem published, Abby? I find it very beautiful and would love to include it – duly credited of course – one day on a spring blog with

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    1. Ooo….no it isn’t, not at all….thank you for the expanded information, I appreciate. Beautiful and unusual name.
      Please feel free to use these thoughts, thank youπŸ™‚

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