Pond in the Trees

Pond in the Trees

   a few footsteps
      and i enter
this other world.

passing through
      pine trees,
   i see a pond,

   some place 
a turtle might

maybe a few 
      small fish
   swim there,

   big mallard 
ducks, ducking
      for food.

   i don't know
what they eat.

   i assumed 
      they ate

   but there, 
      it was

      i hear their
droning attack. 

   and know it.
   my time has 
come - to leave.

18 thoughts on “Pond in the Trees

  1. Lol….are you a mosquito?

    The wild drake in my eyes is a beautiful bird, adaptable and gets on just about with anybody.. These qualities are connected to his gene pool….and if there is a song that suits his nature then it must be….”I will survive.”


      1. Oh must be the female mosquito out to get you….lol

        Me too…they are so funny, I love watching them going about their way and listening to their conversation which I don’t understand.


      2. Yes the female draws. I just hope the flowers don’t suffer from mosquito poking. Interesting, come to think it makes sense, just never thought about mozzies in that way.


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