Old House

   bright yellow
siding, hanging
as a protective
      shell on this
beautiful relic,

      cared for
   these days
by a non-profit

   a thing of
beauty in an
oblivious world.

      it's so easy to 
look and dream
a place like this
   might be ours,

      a place with
such a garden,
so much beauty,
   and history.

10 thoughts on “Old House

  1. Wonderful how communities fashioned their lives, surely for the good or better living, no wonder these relics are preserved by non-profits.
    This is how I imagined and visualized the home based care centers should look like. A warm and attractive place to visit and a centre to meet and move out into the community.


      1. Yes HBC as they are commonly known mushroomed out of a great need for support and care. But the thinking in design behind these care centres was just narrow, actually backward.


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