Peak to Peak

   from there
      to there
   wasn't far, as 
the crow goes...

      the dog and i
always had to 
   walk  around.

life is like that,
      you know.

   we walked
      from peak 
   to peak, and
broke no bones.

he was always
patient, tugging
   (not much) on
      his leash,

   wherever I 
wanted to go.

      a little patience
makes a long walk
   so much easier.

I sometimes saved
him from obvious
      disasters, like
cactus needles
   in his paws.

   obvious to me,
though maybe
      not to him.

friends save us 
    sometimes, as we
venture together,
      peak to peak.

16 thoughts on “Peak to Peak

  1. As satchmo would say
    ‘And I think to myself, what a wonderful world’
    I just love the man for that beautiful thought and expressing it in song. Friends holding hands, sharing in the wonderland on the way for a walk, that is just a wonderful thing, watching the world go by, calling each other from peak to peak, a friend to lift me up, removing a thorn from my flesh, indulging in the most compassionate things that fill our lives in love and friendship, shaking hands, hugging and kissing saying how do you do, I love you.. peak to peak…such a beautiful world when we dream.
    Beautiful Bond Murray


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