Ranch House

      built of logs,
many years ago,
burnt by sunshine
   almost forever.

we walked past
and then back,
      taking in

      across a 
field, we see a
porch, added 
      on later.

lumber makes
      building a
   little easier.

      nearby, a
highway project.
and while there
was a bulldozer,
   they used it.

14 thoughts on “Ranch House

  1. Strangely enough homes were on my mind and in my heart this morning, only to open to your page called ranch house.
    Moving from house to house or home to home is easier i think in one’s youthful years. Some people build their own houses and make it their lifetime home, they never move from there, it’s in there settler or settle down nature. Others migrate between two homes maybe but never move on to other places.
    Age matters, seeing a house that once was home going to ruins tears one down to the bones. Maintaining, keeping and restoration remain priorities.


      1. That’s so true Murray, but we always have the purest form of meditation -language, our words- to return to even when we burn ourselves, written with the ink of love and forgiveness, I’m sorry when it is pure.


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