Virgin Island

Virgin Island

      this was a 
   virgin island,
      rising from
the caribbean sea,

      people on the 
mountain sides
      much like
you and me.

   we saw a ship
there, floating
      by the pier.

   the food ship's in 
   our captain said, 
and strawberries!
      he cheered.

   we went up
      near the 

      the weather 
turned so bad,
      so quickly.
we almost felt 
the mountains

we carried on.
   there were,
      after all,

8 thoughts on “Virgin Island

  1. Life,- I’m just in conversation with that verse
    Hebrew 13:8-
    Changes so quickly, sometimes we are asked to skip the nice things
    Life changes so quickly, for better or for worse, and i love the flicker of hope in the poetry even when reflected in the past tense, we carried on.

    Blessed Sunday Murray


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