Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams and Nightmares

eyes locked shut,
morning comes
   much too soon.

stories have
      played on 
   inside of
slammed shut

      video playing,
so different from 
   a photograph!

      you can look
again and again,
seeing previously
      missed detail.

   colours are so
   beautiful, you
say, and i wonder.

   which colours
      do you see, i
cannot expect
   to truly

i see my colours
   and i know i
can trust that
      you will see
your own dreams
and nightmares,

   your own way, 
your own colours

      so different.
special in its way.
in simplicity.

17 thoughts on “Dreams and Nightmares

  1. These words are so touching I don’t know where to begin.
    How do you manage to put together a movie in this way.?

    So full of detail and yet so classically sparing
    Challenging subtle, one’s own nuances of feelings, how the colours appear
    The sounds I hear and the real, true and lovable meaning of it all

    I have no words
    I dream, the nightmares too

    Watch my movies
    Eyes shut
    Behind closed doors
    Theme songs on repeat


  2. Your poem bespeaks a healthy mind, Murray, a healthy imagination. I sin in envy. Here’s my poem about closed eyes, less healthy, from deep inside dkpoems.wordpress.com (Thank you for following!) July 14, 2020:

    In Darkness I Find

    In darkness I find many things
    Mostly trivial I guess
    Tricks of the neurological apparatus
    Samples of inward prosthesis
    How a lack of neural stimulation stimulates
    Like tinnitus or a phantom limb
    Therefore lacking in significance
    Except perhaps as some psychological lever
    To pry open the
    Well it’s embarrassing to say

    How shall I characterize them
    These non-ontological entities
    They aren’t representations of things
    They aren’t things in themselves
    They are an experience
    Doubtless shared by everybody
    Doubtless dismissed by any serious person
    Kind of like a poem

    And like a poem these formless forms
    Associate themselves with feelings
    Which are trivial aren’t they
    When they aren’t positively destructive
    Emotional attitudes distract at best
    From the serious matter
    Of the phenomenal world
    Of protecting oneself from its assaults
    Exploiting its resources

    I cannot justify the habit
    Of seeking refuge in the dark
    Of communing with familiar patterns
    Instead of with my human friends
    Another source of self-contempt
    Another need another addiction
    Not so much I lack the will
    I lack the mere desire
    To renounce that which
    In darkness I find

    (P.S. re: an earlier reply: Elaborateness is highly overrated.)


    1. Thanks for the kindness DK!

      That’s a lot of words!

      Please don’t feel envy. Words are one of the things I have to do. Although it may seem
      that words agree with me or are kind to me, I find them very frustrating.

      The right word, the right way to say, often dances away, just out of my reach, like a
      laughing girl who I reach for in a dream, who is delighted to play and tease. They are
      as maddeningly frustrating.


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