View From Above

View From Above

   we envy birds.
their easy flight,
   mastery of air,

   their, oh so
point of view.

      treetops look
interesting when we 
are positioned like
   a bird's-eye.

   we don't see
things the same.
      we can't, we
have no wings,

   although we
   so often wish
to see treetops
   from above.

14 thoughts on “View From Above

  1. This so reminds me of a place in Norfolk, England, where you can climb up into the trees (by easy steps!) to get the birds eye view to which you allude. Particularly lovely in May, when caterpillar munching of fresh tender newly-emerged leaves is in full chomp. Pickings a-plenty for sharp -eyed birds!


      1. You are most welcome

        Oh!!! That’s very kind of you indeed! Thank you very much indeed for your kind offer. But if you come across the poem of mine you’ll see that it concerns a solitary tree and it was the solitariness that I was writing about in this case. Many blessings ❤😊


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