Bright October 2020c

   october was 
   no surprise.
see it happen!
   like last time

      as i passed,
goat on a grassy roof,
we were more than
   a bit surprised.

    no tears needed
rain is predicted,
   time passes so
slowly, unnoticed.

october's gone;
around an
   icy corner.

it goes right by:
a peapod boat
in a trickle
   of a stream.


19 thoughts on “Bright October 2020c

  1. Here it feels like the early cold days of September hasn’t left us. It lingers and lingers, willing to stay, I just doesn’t want to go away. It’s been a beautiful cold November so far with a couple of sizzling days in between. December is around the corner and hardly a sight of summer or the spring as we know it.
    And it’s the sweet peas that make you see how time passes so quickly…how time flies.


    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      The goat memory just popped up as I was writing. The peapod boat did the same thing. We made them as children,

      I think my Scottish ancestors were Picts, lowlanders, probably living around Perth. But I do not know. I think we have lived in Canada for more than 150 years.


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