Kalamalka Lake 2020g

Kalamalka Lake 2020g

pine trees
      give a bit
   of shade.

   green water, 
   to look at.

   a vision so
   words alone 
are not enough.

hot summers
      are wonders,
despite the heat.

   cool green
waters cool
   a roasted

   fine just to be 
there, almost
   if you listen,

   to such silence
   you might find,
a special place.

and recognise a
spooky stirring
      deep inside.

13 thoughts on “Kalamalka Lake 2020g

  1. I imagine you have written about her before?
    This is the unique beauty of the cold north-
    Her exquisite lakes, you can’t find in the south
    – exquisite and very special. A poet’s muse.

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    1. Her? I didn’t know.

      “Kalamalka” is an anglicised spelling for a ‘native’ or ‘first nations’ name for the lake. I have heard it translates approximately to “lake of many colours”.


      1. Yes Murray, you have written about her before,I believe so, I can’t very well say him to a lake. All the same a beautiful name and meaning


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