almost december,
i dug, as she said.

   take up the
out of the bed.

      i dug as
directed, she
knows what 
   she wants

   dug up the 
      herbs, put 
them in pots.

winter, you see
will be coming
      by soon, 

and cold will get
nasty, far beyond

   but her herbs
      in a pot and
under our lights, 

should live all 
      the winter
      and into 
the spring.

18 thoughts on “Rosemary

  1. Rosemary, Murray I think must be the most beautiful name amongst herbs
    Oh a great herbalist too Murray, best thing to do, dig her up and pot her to. Bring her in from the cold Murray before the frost sets in.
    Sprigs, sprigs of Rosemary set upon a roasting leg of lamb, fresh cut and diced butternut dotting the pan, only a trickle of brown sugar Murray, dash of cinnamon strewn over the butternut.. add the baby potatoes in their jackets and allow them to slow roast….in the meantime. .prepared the puffed and fluffy basmati rice…. perfect Christmas eve dish… I gather Christmas day will be the customary roasted Turkey.


      1. Thank you Abby!

        Your recipe sounds very good.

        I have set up shelves in our garage and put the rosemary and thyme on the shelves beneath grow lights. I plan to set the timer for 8 hours and water them about once a week.

        It will get cold in the garage but should stay above freezing, so they will be semi-dormant and won’t need as much water.


      2. Rosemary is quite self-sufficient and a hardy plant, its needles do not wilt like other leaves. This is why her needles are used as dry herb, a very versatile hardy if you ask me, so i would even suggest watering fortnightly.
        Good?, no Murray it’s one of the best when you learn how to prepare that leg. I really hope you try it out someday with all that Rosemary in your house.
        Happy New Month Murray
        Can you believe it is the 1st of December already.


      3. Thank you Abby!

        We sometimes have rosemary with meat. I have an aversion to mutton though.

        Yes, yesterday I told one of my older friends, “Today is November. Tomorrow is December.” Here, its starting to get cold enough to really catch our attention.


      4. Mmmmm….it’s not the best accompaniment for beef or steak there are better. Rosemary and Lamb goes together. Pity about the mutton.
        So the months follow Murray and praying for a cosy inwardly warm December.


    1. Thank you Carol anne!

      I have just now followed you. And to top off your list of issues? Ireland! Oh my gosh!

      I’m boring. I have no mental illness. I can see OK, although have some diminishment to my visual acuity (you can’t believe how much effort THAT
      took.) because I have some cataract issues starting. I also have no sense of humour.

      My wife said that. Actually, she shouted it. I won’t say what it was that drove her to shout that! But I will admit, I almost laughed my ass off when she shouted:

      “You think you’re funny? Well, you’re not!” She was shaking her finger at me, mad as a wet cat.


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