see where i've been
   a vibrant garden,
      it all stands still
this coloured scene.

hurtle through
    the sky, some
summer day

   five hundred 
miles per hour,
      so they say.

      a garden has
some mystery, 
a latent threat,

a body buried
   no regrets.

   a virus, all
invisible has
peace of mind.

estranging friend
   from friend, who
   could not stand
comfortably close,

to share those
   all important

social creatures
   mad monkeys
      in a riot,

   how can the
      centre hold,
it's never quiet.

see where i've been
   a vibrant garden,
   it all stands still
this coloured scene.

22 thoughts on “Guishichan

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to gather thoughts, stand in awe of the resilience of folk, with God by their side, who’ve come this far.
    We give praise to and thanks for beautiful poetry.

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    1. Thank you Abby!

      My coffee buddy showed me this place. He lives near it. It once was a private home and garden. Now it is owned and run by a trust. But we were allowed to wander the grounds at no charge. (Free!)

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    1. There is a street named Guishicham in Kelowna, in British Columbia in western Canada. It could be an English spelling of a native (first nations) word. The meaning? I don’t know.

      The garden is at Guishichan House in Kelowna.


  2. Ah, that’s wonderful and I’m glad you could wander there. My dad’s sister Enid Servis lived in Chilliwack, BC and used to send us wonderful pictorial magazines about Beautiful British Columbia


    1. Thank You writingpresence!

      Chilliwack is in the upper Fraser River delta. The Fraser is a HUGE river. Because it is a delta, the land is very flat.

      We live about 2.5 hours drive north of your aunt. Here the landforms are mountainous or at least hilly. We are on a hillside, facing a beautiful lake. From here, we get great sunset views.

      The Beautiful British Columbia magazine has been around for a long time. They showcase a lot of scenic photographs.


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