orange peppers   
      show a variety
of bright colours,

reflection of vivid 
      colour and 
   so much light 

   today, i have
      no plans
for peppers,


   orange peppers
      show a variety
of bright colours.

10 thoughts on “Peppers

  1. I love them roasted goes with any meat of your choice
    Although the green is also nice toasted, slightly peeled, cooled down, tossed in olive oil and served as a kind of salad.
    But yes the yellow bell is good for the intake of vitamin C, an important veg to eat in these times, so time to rethink and make plans for it. A real health vegetable, anti aging and promotes hair growth too. Besides health experts opine that more the number of colours in your food, better is its nutritional value.


    1. Thank you Cheryl!

      I wasn’t trying to make anyone hungry. I saw intense colour and that there was an area in the display with not too many bar-coded labels showing.

      My big treat was visual.


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