Colour Dance

Colour Dance

waiting for sunrise,
      pastel orange sky,
december's icy winter,
   i watch as birds fly,
      east (not south).

a bouquet sings,
      it dances,
pirouettes, flashes 
      excited eyes.

   she worships
      beauty in her
   mirror, in the 
   morning light. 

      when the sun 
arises, she sings
   a bouquet song.

      she is amazing 
in wonderful colours,
   that i cannot see.

   her beauty blinds
   me, lights in skies,
long summer days.

      it pays to be 
careful. staring at 
the sun damages 
   our vision. her 

8 thoughts on “Colour Dance

  1. One really has to appreciate the sun for all its brilliant qualities and she means to us and how deeply we need to appreciate her and love her dearly.
    And this is true one cannot overlook the destruction that can come in her wake when we don’t treat our whole body properly
    Such an amazing picture of the sun and birds in flight eastward set in words.


  2. Thank you Abby!

    I guess the question is: is the sun male or female? In English, we do not assign a gender to the sun.

    We might call the moon “she”, probably mostly because the Greeks and Romans had moon goddesses.

    Flowers? I guess they are she, in my head, at least, although I know that they often have both sets of organs and use insects to pollinate. OK. I don’t know much.


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