Beach Rocks

Beach Rocks

      waves roll in
   from the cold
atlantic ocean, 

   wearing down 
      hard rock,
until they crumble
like sahara dust.

tropical colour
seems intense,

something we
      didn't know 
      we'd crave
   to see again.

   we wait until
the world is safe,
   we may not
      pass this
      way again.

8 thoughts on “Beach Rocks

  1. Oh i can even smell the ocean and the taste of salt as i read.
    The Atlantic you describe must be amazing.
    This morning we have a warm Indian Ocean breeze passing through

    Happy Sunday Murray.


    1. Thank you Abby!

      I don’t know what country you live in. I’m in western Canada. The nearest ocean to me
      is the Pacific. I’ve been to the Pacific ocean a number of times. A few times to the
      Atlantic too. And to the Mediterranean sea.

      There is something satisfactory about being near a large body of water.


      1. You are most welcome Murray. The Pacific, oh that is one ocean my toes have never felt. But yes i know that feeling of satisfaction. The Atlantic and Indian Oceans are so to say my temples of familiar and joy within a Mediterranean Climate.
        Enjoy your day.


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