View From Above

   from way up there
i could see for miles.
the horizon curved.

(nothing flat there)
   the view was fine.

   island paradises
are sweet spots
   for a quick visit.

      why do i always
want to go home
about two weeks
   after arriving?

beautiful ocean
blue green and
      cloudy skies. 

gorgeous place
      with stories

      tropical rain
keeps things green

pirates died 
      of thirst
across the way.

      fifteen men on
a dead man's chest.
it was over there,
   on that beach.

and then the wind
blew up, furious!
      we had to go.

21 thoughts on “View From Above

  1. These coastal lines are full of those fifteen men stories.
    I know why the poet longs to go home, island living, or on the mainland are full of those stories.
    Still they return, silence overcome them, the voices begin to speak, and so they write their poetry, songs, plays, novels and history.


    1. This was in the British Virgin Islands. Our tour guide (a local history teacher, so you know he wasn’t lying)
      pointed out the small island where a pirate left 15 troublesome men with a bottle of rum. I assume that they’d already had a few drinks.

      No way off the island without a boat. Even then you wouldn’t want to try it unless the serious tidal currents were just right. He said that every troublesome pirate tried to swim. He said every body washed up on the beach of the next island. The beach where they washed up was named “Dead Man’s Chest”

      So the story was true, because you can always believe a teacher.

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      1. My goodness, but we need not be surprised by the stories that washed up along the Coasts around the world.
        We need to find confidence in our teachers again, I like that. What happened in France in recent times is very sad.


      2. Thank you Abby.

        I was pretending to be sarcastic about trusting teachers. I agree. Mostly teachers are trustworthy and what they tell us can be valuable. Not kidding at all now.


      3. Lol, you got a hold of me. I know i can be gullible …oh goodness i should’ve had a good laugh with you there instead i turned serious.
        That 15 men took my mind to a different history.


      4. Abby, I wasn’t trying to fool you or make you feel gullible. We trust teachers, for good reason. Most of them give accurate info.

        If anything, I meant that we cannot absolutely trust anybody. We all have our own biases, whether we know it or not, so none of us can be perfect sources of information.

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