Kalanchoe 2020b1

Kalanchoe 2020b1

   locked inside,
today i look
      at memories.

      think about all
those friends who
   might have been.

   beautiful women
who smile at me,
      and don't even
know my name.

i look at novels
      i have not yet
begun to write,

   dream of houses
i have yet to build,

meditate on
      songs i have 
   not written,
nor ever sung.

      is it time
to regret my
   time is yet
   so limited,

   the things i
wanted to do
and have not?

12 thoughts on “Kalanchoe 2020b1

  1. Beautiful, bounteous burst of poetry, that opens up every heart, reading all the things you wanted or wished to do, but I’d say no time to beat yourself up, you have done and achieved so much……yet i can empathise when i think about the things I’d rather had like to do. Things like being the inner life behind the scenes, of the catwalk.. Stitching by hand, at the machine, cutting cloth, being part of a designing team, dressing models, sending them off to do the boardwalk, picking up my coffee, jacket, turning around, ready to go home and dream about that tiny book called a collection of poetry. But yes I’ve done other things, stuff i was suppose to come and do. What i could still do
    Stirring poetry Murray.
    Moving, much to do.
    Kalanchoe 2020b, put you in the right frame of mind, set aside the regrets

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    1. Thank you for sharing Abby! If you are doing seamstress or tailoring, I know that your work is at least craft, probably art.

      If you are enjoying my photographs, then you appreciate visual beauties, poetry is about words, sounds and ideas. I don’t know which you like best, but you seem to enjoy thinking. I’m cool with that.


      1. Hardly Murray, yes some are real art pieces, but not the tailoring, but yes I’ve crafted some exquisite woolly pieces. What I’m getting at, inspired by your long view and range of seeing things, yes i would’ve love to be in a hands-on artistic environment. But that was not to be, I appreciate the designing world and love reading what they are up to. They awakened at the right time and space.
        I love and enjoy all your work Murray…..
        Thinking is one of them


  2. Aaaah, “regretting” – welcome!

    May your regretting be transformed to wistfulness, then to appreciation that there have been so many choices, so much potential, and that you have – as Abby so beautifully says – achieved so much, loved so much, yearned for so much!

    Ha! we are artists! What do we expect but wanting, and not always getting? Having, and then letting go? xxx This is the joy and the exquisite pain of being human…

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    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment writingpresence!

      So many choice we make and any might be wrong. I spent decades fixing computers, a few years selling cameras and only in the past few years doing much writing, though I earned a BA in Creative Writing decades ago.

      I should have been writing all along.

      I’m sorry for people who have no choices. Thinking about refugees makes me sad. They have so few choices.

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