Too Close

Too Close

      they say he flew
too close to the sun
and the sun's heat
   melted the wax
   that attached
feathers to wings.

   he fell famously,
a case of excess,
      pride in what
      he had built:
wings that could
fly him to heaven.

      a lens can be 
pointed too close,
and flares of light
   will be seen in
      the image.

      but there is
   something there,
something to see,
something intense
   beyond ordinary.

maybe we can
why men would
   make wings,
   and try to fly
      to heaven.

24 thoughts on “Too Close

      1. Ok, thanks for the hot tip. It’s difficult to read between the lines somedays..
        blindzanygirl caught on immediately, i found her comment grabbing but it didn’t expand my understanding, so i was curious, and wanted to know, but found myself stuck and maybe a little embarrassed that it never grabbed me in the same way as it so enthusiastically grabbed her.


    1. Thank you APS Malhotra.

      It is an ancient Greek story of hubris. “Icarus” was arrogant and excessively proud of his father’s invention, and flew too near the sun, which melted the wax his father used to fix feathers to the wings he made for Icarus.


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