Fire In The Sky

   you know there
      was something
i wanted to say,

      the words all
escaped me, they
   all got away...

      I have to walk
because i can't fly.

when looked up,
   there was fire
      in the sky.

   we all have 
   our visions.
we see what
      we know.

   believe it or
not, that sky
      is a show.

   a sunset
all our hopes.

      it lights up 
the sky, and those
eastern slopes.

      some day if
      we're lucky,
some day when 
   we're gone,

we'll see much
   more beauty
   than's made
      by our sun.

16 thoughts on “Fire In The Sky

  1. (believe it or
    not, that sky
    is a show.)

    Oh your wise knack and jolly sense for putting things, i love the personality that can do that and does it.

    a sunset
    all our hopes.)

    What a wonderful feeling, in my case drops of tears and so comforting- reassuring.

    Full of hope and a tinge of dilemma, a sober poem this morning.


  2. While sunsets touch our souls, as a morning person, I’m more into sunrises. But a colorful sky is always appreciated. Thanks for sharing! And thank you for swinging by our Ranch and for the follow. We โค๏ธŽ visitors.


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