Remember October

   looking at four
orange pumpkins
on the front step,

we remember
our childhood
      world at 

ghosts, goblins
      and a nikon
   camera - it's
very magical.

   have their
own special
      so did our 

today, what's left?
      in my world,
a nikon camera.

11 thoughts on “Remember October

  1. Where have all the pumpkins gone?
    I too find uncarved pumpkin so adorable and funny even though fields of pumpkin are not a vivid pat of my childhood memory, at the grocer yes, but mostly slice up to be sold part for part. That went for the hubbard squash as well, all cut up and sliced, ready to sell. Only the butternut came off well they remained whole. These days they are diced up as well.a
    Ghosts, goblins and grocery stores all held a special kind of magic, although the fairytale was my getaway.
    Four orange pumpkins still on the front step?….but it’s cold outside.
    Bring your nikon inside….,,that’s for the rhyme.
    So be happy you still have your nikon camera.


    1. Thank you Abby.

      My Nikon is a D750. And I use many fixed focal length (non-zooming) lenses.

      I have a 300mm, 200mm, 180mm, 135mm, 90mm macro(this one is not Nikkor, but Tamron), 60mm macro, 55mm macro, 50mm, 35mm (perspective control – like a tilt-shift lens, except that it does not tilt, just shifts) and 28mm. I also have a 900mm telescope and a 2X teleconverter. So many options!

      In Canada, we amuse ourselves with pumpkins more than we eat them. I have seen a few fabulous artists’ works executed on a pumpkin.

      Hubbards and butternuts, I am very familiar with. As I probably said about my lens collection, I am spoiled.


      1. D750 you say, i can’t imagine what it looks like. Then all those other mm and their combinations are mind blowing even though i cannot visualise a single one of them.

        No you are not spoiled Murray, you are spoilt for choice.

        No its different down under, pumpkins, butternuts and hubbards are loved for their flesh, this is why they are sliced and diced, to be devoured.
        They are not playtoys.


      2. Yes, Abby. For me, it is about the nicest camera I ever held, the way it feels. And my sense of touch is important to me. I sometimes sculpt. My hands know what to do. Part of the sculpting act is a tactile joy. Texture is another beautiful thing (like colour).

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