Old House With Stories

here is an old
      house with
stories to tell.

secrets are safe
      in these walls.

   there's a tree
round a corner
   all covered
   with knots,

   no branches
for little birds.

we sing for love
      and money,

   as loud as 
we can sing,
      like little
birds at sunset

or just before
   it rains.

   wake me up
for breakfast.
      wake me 
up for love.

i'm a bit like
   the house
with stories
      to tell.

and i'll take them
   to my grave.

5 thoughts on “Old House With Stories

  1. Thank you a e i o u !

    In film days, we would have done some ‘dodging and burning’ to bring up detail in the sky as well
    as the shadow areas. In these days, I’m afraid I’m one of those people who likes to use photo-editting
    as minimally as possible (and compose in the view-finder instead of cropping).

    It was a very sunny day.


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