December Afternoon

this time of year,
   sunsets come
      too early,
because our eyes
   crave so much 
      more light.

   these days,
      so short;
   they will be
longer soon.

stay safe; stay well!
   i want to see
      you in the
   coming spring,
when i come out
   of my burrow.

7 thoughts on “December Afternoon

  1. Please Murray, you stay safe and well too, and peep out of your burrow to sniff at the sunshine from time to time. I shall do the same, on my side of the Atlantic. We had snow today and my little hills looked magnificent. Mere pimples in comparison to yours, but we do our best! And round here we honour the diaspora of Scots who Went West to Canada, many to escape dire social conditions xxx


    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      We have a little animal in Canada and the northern US, called a groundhog. We have a tradition that if, when the groundhog first emerges from its burrow, it sees it’s shadow, we will have another six weeks of winter.

      There are even ‘official’ gtoundhogs that people drag out for groundhog ceremonies.

      Nonsense, of course, but they have fun with their folly.


    2. We have rounded mountains too. Near us are mountains that glaciers rounded like your hills. The nearest mountains are like that. And I’ve heard that there was about a mile of ice on top of them when the glaciers were riding on them.


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