October Chicory

   once in october
i stopped to look
at ripening corn,

saw the last of
      the chicory,
growing on the
edge of the field.

    faded beauty,
beyond summer,

   a reminder of
summer chicory,

maybe a weed,
maybe a flavour

beautiful flowers
on ragged stems.

   weed or flower?
(a question: how
can i be classified?)

7 thoughts on “October Chicory

  1. I find this poem rather profound, in a personal sort of way, because it incorporates – how could you every know? – several themes that are fundamental to my life. Biology, crops, weeds, nature, beauty, classification systems… and the fact that you ascribe it to October, often my “darkest” month… Thank you Murray for this beautifully fletched arrow, hitting the target again. I look forward to linking to this on my blog in 2021. Meanwhile I send you and all your followers a heart-hug and courage as we stride, sing, or shuffle into 2021 ❤

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  2. I remember as a child, my cousins laughing at me because I brought a chicory bouquet to my great grandmother. They said it was a weed. I just thought it was beautiful…the same blue as the summer sky! Nice post, Murray. Happy New year!


    1. Thank you Cheryl!

      (For the kindness and the anecdote.) I’d say you were right all along and your cousins were mistaken. I am guessing that they were older and had forgotten how ro truly see.


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