Badlands no.33

we have no secrets
time will not reveal,

   uncovering acorns
we squirrelled away
in amazing summer

   dinosaurs walked
these seas and died
      as we must too.

covered with sand
   and volcanic ash,

   thrust up by eons
and tectonic moves,

      bones turned 
to stone, were

unlike acorns.

   volcanic ash
in deep layers,
   harder than 

      washed by
time's rains,
   we see this
sculptured stone.

      we smile
   and wonder.

4 thoughts on “Badlands no.33

  1. Happy new 2021 to you Murray! I love this poem a) because I used geology as a theme for one of my first group writing sessions and b) because in 2020 I changed my allegiance from Betula (birch) to Quercus (oak, with all those forgotten acorns). I wonder, with which tree do you most identify?


    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      Can you make a story illuminating the sruggles a tree faces in its life? I think I’m mosr intrigued by Banyan trees right now, eith the vines that grow earthward, and when they connect with the earth, they sink roots down and become trunks, each in their own right.

      And I like windblown trees, where prevailing winds sculpt trees because thay cannot stand up straight.


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