Bird Orchid

dragons in the sky,
      a white fluffy
unicorn, a kitten
   in the clouds.

   sometimes i think
i'll never see them. 

      where there
are clouds, that's
   what i see,

      although i
keep looking.

the orchid though,
   seemed to have
      a bird shape, 
      a purple bird.

   i like the bird,
and think i may 
   like this new
      year too, 
and hope i can.

      a kitten 
in the clouds.

19 thoughts on “Bird Orchid

    1. Thank you Laughing_Soul!

      Praying new born child? Fine image. When I look up at clouds, I rarely see pictures. I see shades, tones and abstract shapes, many of which I find wonderful.


      1. She’s an old lady so probably her imagination outlined it as praying. For me too all I could see was a baby and yesterday someone pointed they could see the parents too lol


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