old stories
were told of
a young man,

in love with

   flowers are,
as we should

      a little

   and many
can brighten

our spring

      people are
a bit like that.

now that we
   hardly ever 
      see them,

      we can 
the beautiful

7 thoughts on “Narcisus

  1. i love this!

    It’s ironic, then, that your photo shows lots of individual narcissi who seem, at a cursory glance, to be fairly well identical… then as with people, that isn’t really true …

    Poor old Narcissus (the youth): he was only trying to learn to understand himself … but all he got in the end was the hollow self-reflecting echo, from the nymph Echo who had lost her own voice in her unrequited love for hims, and was destined to repeeat, forever, Narcissus’s words …

    Ah! the anguish of mortal love! And all this at five to ten on a fine Scottish morning!


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