Solitary Skeleton

Solitary Skeleton

      under all the
      conifers, i see
a lonely skeleton,

   and understand
part of what i see.

      i myself have
a solitary aspect.
      my bones
   carry my flesh;

my body carries me.

a day will come,
      no doubt,
   when i too,
am stripped
      to bone,

like a mushroom,
      which i still
don't understand
   in full detail.

and though we all
   want company,
my day will come:

i will be solitary,
and go meet the 
      beautiful light.

12 thoughts on “Solitary Skeleton

  1. This is another of your exquisite evocations, Murray, that I want to include on my writing-for-welbeing blog. There are many starting points here for musings of my own, particularly with respect to a partial skeleton that I found up on the high moors some years ago, and was in awe of.

    It turned out to be the remains of a Brown Hare, whom I had recently “met” as my Power Animal during a shamanic drum journey within the context of a dance workshop.

    Thank you, and may you have many years of musing on this Earth, before you “go meet the beautiful light”


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