Broken Bamboo 2018a

broken bamboo 
tops lie in a heap 
      on top of
fibrous roots,

   a wind-storm
   smashed that
bamboo grove.

we find the scene
   exotic and a
      little alien;
      this is not
our world.

years and miles 
   pass by too
   quickly we
      will learn;

a jungle cataract
      falls from a 
   towering cliff,

      its source
a mystery we'll
   never solve.

   this bamboo
doesn't care;

it grows again beside
      sweet lacey ferns,
a warm wind blows.

   we came so far
      and see (that's
how it goes).

      rain drops from
sudden clouds above 

as we drink it in,
   the gods are
      making love.

6 thoughts on “Broken Bamboo 2018a

  1. I love the unexpected in your work. Little twists of words: not “sodden clouds”… rather, “sudden clouds”. And – good on those gods! No anti-social distancing there!

    Did you really write this in 2018? I too dig back in my ThoughtBooks for jewels!


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