Unknown Fruit

      unknown fruit,
on unknown trees
and i don't know
   what to think.

green on green:
      it makes one 
wonder what
   it may imply:

quick painful
      death or 
maybe delight?

small birds may 
   show us what 
      to taste.

if nothing eats
   the unknown
fruit, we should

   nature has a 
certain wisdom.

14 thoughts on “Unknown Fruit

    1. Thank you Sheree!

      My sister told me that she looked it up and found that it was a heliotrope. So I looked up heliotropes. There are many heliotropes. The one I photographed is called a tree heliotrope. They live in South Pacific islands and are slightly poisonous. No. I did’nt eat any.

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      1. Yes, the Australian indigenous learned that Zamia Palm seeds were poisonous, but that if they soaked them, they could make a flour from them. They learned this by using seeds that emus passed, hence the treating of the seeds. the emus were unaffected by them.


      2. Thank you pvcann!

        Yes. We can and should learn by careful observation of other creatures. It does not always work though.

        If we concluded that eucalypus leaves were edible after watching koalas eat them, you might be decieved and very sorry. We might be better off seeing which were most popular with wee beasties.

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