Skeletal Tree

   Skeletal Tree

   ten thousand feet 
above everything,
ideas come slowly, 
oxygen so scarce!

   i see tree-bones
death has visited
   this chilly place
   before my time.

at this altitude
   trees are an 
      expense or 
luxury, perhaps.

nothing much
   lives forever.
not such trees,
   so beautiful
even in death.

good things end.
      time conceals
   many surprises.
so many, so often.

   evil too ceases.
   we live for that.
as long as it lasts,
   it seems so long.

   and we are left,
   for good, or ill,
with bare-limbed


2 thoughts on “Skeletal Tree

  1. Gosh. Another one that moves me greatly. Again trees… Reminds me of bristlecones?
    And yes, I did write a poem inspired by “banyan”, except I had got my tropical botany in a muddle of aerial roots, and realised I was writing about mangroves. …


    1. Thank you for the kindnesses writingpresence!

      When we can’t travel (like now) we can look at things through the Google window. People have published many photographs over the years.

      I’m wondering if a legendary hurricane killed these trees (in Hawai’i).

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