Unknown Tropical

into the unknown, 
we venture, 
each day.

some things are 
in every way

flowers in 
tropical gardens, 
brighten memories,

of a time before
today's plague
descended on us..

whatever disaster, 
things can be 
much better
than we want
to admit.

our thirst for
knowledge is
like orange juice.

we can only 
take so much
after all.

so there we sit,
feeling a little
bit foolish,

with a two litre
jug, barely touched.

2 thoughts on “Unknown Tropical

  1. Ha! Yes, feeling rather foolish with a two-litre jug, barely touched. But what cheers me is the taste of that drink (or experience) that I did choose, that I did dare to pour out and sample … Today it was being rubbish on Zoom with my dance group (poor connections today) and then FINDING rubbish – a huge piece of old carpet – during my beach cleaning outing. So now I have “rucksack shoulders” – and a glow of pleasure at having helped a seabird or two from strangling themselves in nylon fibre mesh. And now I need a nice mug of tea.


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