Bamboo n Green

it's someplace 
exotic where
   i'd like to be 

winds bring us
   clouds then it 
   starts to rain.

      green stuff 
is wonderful,
   so appealing,
i don't know why.

      it seems a 
green voice calls

   and i know 
that not too 
many steps,
into the green, 
i'd disappear.

10 thoughts on “Bamboo n Green

  1. Oh wow this is so beautiful! I love your page and especially your posts similar to these. The natural shade of the color green has become so relaxing to me especially over this quarantine. Thank you for this picture and the words. I love your stuff so much – keep posting!!


    1. Thank you for the kindness carlygallanter!

      I try to find beautiful things and places to show off. I remember in the first year of school, we had a “show and tell” event. If one of us children had something of interest, we could stand at the front of the classroom and show off. So, her I am, in my 70s, playing “show and tell” again.


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