Time Travel Addiction

Time Travel Addiction

they say she has a small 
time travel addiction.

i probably can say
that all of her travelling
will be only be one way.

it seems a long, 
long journey,
we travel 
night and day.

time won't stand still
and wait for us,  
we have to come along.

we sing of 
but time won't 
hear our song.

we are all leaves
stuck in a stream,

with just one way to go,   
down to time's silent sea,

because a time is
coming when 
time will cease to be.

2 thoughts on “Time Travel Addiction

    1. Thank you a e i o u !

      I was talking about this with another photographer today. We like to think we can stop time, or go back or into the future. We don’t know how to travel through time.

      Sometimes old people try to go to a time when they thought that they were happy and stay there. But that is only in their minds, I think.

      If time is a river, we seem trapped in it. I think, we can really only go with the flow.


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