sometimes we 
don't know when 
we're on the 
wrong track;

sometimes we 
need to switch 
our direction,

looking back
seems sharp 
and clear.

and often we
regret failing
to notice that 
we missed
our chance.
to get on the 
right track,

when we failed 
to flip the switch.

2 thoughts on “Switch

  1. Amazing picture: I love the way the disc on the (??) switchgear post (for what in UK we call “points” on a railway?) echoes the colour of the vegetation. ]
    But then I am a botanist …
    And I love the poem too. I write railway poems also…


    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      I don’t know much (about railways either). I saw the switch and a few other items of interest along a railway. There was a lot of defined and heavy line, with a very strong graphic feeling here that impressed me.

      I was told that my English grandfather was once a railway detective (in England).


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